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Gain Practical Experience and Travel the World With a Hotel Management Education

Do you have a curiosity for the world of travel? How about a passion for helping others? Customer service,and travel are connected in a hotel management degree offered by Centennial College. The Hospitality Management - Hotel and Resort (1807) program attracts hospitality majors who want to enter their field, while gaining a chance to travel.

€What attracts me to this program is the fact that I like to travel and I like people. So, I wanted to do something that I can combine the both,€ says Ms. Whittaker, a student in the program. She adds, €The courses that I'm taking right now --- they're not your typical sit-in-a-study-hall lecture type of course. The teachers get you involved. Some of the courses require you to pretend that you're working (in the industry).€

Centennial's hotel management education one-year program prepares students to start their career in various areas of management in the hospitality and tourism industry. Hence, the curriculum covers a broad spectrum in business and hospitality service operations. One of the program's faculty members says:

€The program focuses on North American hotels, international hotels, and resorts. The program offers a placement component, which is a 15-week placement.€

Students get the chance to travel abroad for an enhanced learning experience. Exchange programs, one-week excursions, and other travel opportunities arise at Centennial, where students can apply their knowledge and skills to studies and community involvement in other countries. In addition, students get to enjoy another culture, learn from their experience, and bring it back to them to reflect and make use of their findings.

Outlined below are some of the exciting training and experiences that students will get to experience in two years:

1.) Students will learn the theories, techniques, and skills required for various departments in hotels, restaurants, and resorts, including areas of the following: kitchen and dining room, beverage and bartending, housekeeping and facilities.
2.) In this customer-oriented and sales-driven industry, professionals must understand sales and marketing elements to provide exemplary methods of conducting business. Students will learn the basic sales model, and will unearth their sales and marketing skills through class exercises.
3.) The financial well-being of the organization will be discussed through an accounting course focused for the hospitality industry, and a course that teaches about food, beverage and labour costs.
4.) Guest speakers are invited in various classes, where they will talk about the hospitality industry as they relate to the courses. Students will also get the chance to talk individually with these industry professionals, so they can build their network before they enter the workplace.
5.) A meaningful field placement takes place during the bulk of the final semester, as students gather all of their learnings from previous semesters and practice them at an external organization.

Centennial provides many opportunities in the Hospitality Management - Hotel and Resort program, such as classroom lectures, networking sessions, short-term and long-term excursions, and field placements. Its hotel management education is a first-class destination for learners who wish to explore the hospitality and travel industry, through relevant courses and practical experience. Graduates enjoy careers in various hotel and resort chains, such as Four Seasons, Fairmont, and Hyatt.

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