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On Your FM Dial, in Phoenix, AZ

This is a listing and description of FM Radio Stations that you can listen to in the Phoenix, Arizona area. These stations are listed in alphabetical order by call letters. Check here to see a listing of radio stations organized sequentially by station/dial number.

Is there a station missing, or has one of these radio stations changed formats or disappeared entirely? Please let me know.

1. KAJM - 104.3

"Retrospective music." 70s, 80s.More »

2. KBAQ - 89.5

Classical music from Rio Salado College.More »

3. KCDX - 103.1

Rock 'n' roll.More »

4. KDKB - 93.3

Alternative Rock.More »

5. KEDJ - 103.9

Alternative.More »

6. KEZ - 99.9

Adult contemporary.More »

7. KFLR - 90.3

Religion / Spirituality, Family.More »

8. KHOT - 105.9

Hispanic broadcasting.More »

9. More radio stations on the next page ==>

More »

10. KISS - 104.7

Top 40.More »

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