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Magento Development - Features of Magento Enterprise

The Magento e-commerce platform possess the basic features such as  scalability, flexibility and unique features which is the ultimate need for optimal business growth. The features of Magento provides your company with complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content and better functionality of your online store. The support of Magento's open source code platform gives tight integration with backend systems leading to complete operational efficiency.  Your team can add any of the available Magento features to your site. Let us see some of the key features of Magento.

Tools for Marketing Promotions 

Magento's flexibility in pricing rules enables efficient creation of variety of promotions which in turn increases the conversion rates and reduces the shopping cart abandonment. 

The Magento Enterprise platform with a suite of standard marketing tools provides a variety of ways to increase sales in your online store by managing promotions and merchandising. There is provision for customizing your coupon options, multi-tier pricing structures and promotional pricing for the entire catalog. Using Magento Enterprise, your e-commerce team can make changes easier and more efficiently.

Site Management 

Magento Enterprise assists in managing multiple storefronts from a single administration panel which promotes in easy configuration and updation. The user who can be a visitor, customer or agent and their role-based access of the site from one single sign-on will allow your team to efficiently manage localized and international versions of your site.

The flexible open-source software Magento Enterprise provides tight integration with back-end systems such as CRM, ERP, Warehouse management, inventory management, shipping platforms and many more, which in turn decreases the operational inefficiencies, improves the accuracy and relevancy to customers who visit your site. Single sign-on user portal, role based user access, multiple languages and currencies support, Magento customization through template designs, shopping carts, wishlists are the major benefits of Magento Enterprise.

Search Engine Optimization 

The custom built of Magento Enterprise platform features search friendly URL's, sitemaps and popular search terms.

International Support 

Using Magento you can have multiple versions of your site to satisfy the needs of each customer locally as well as globally. It supports multiple currencies, taxes and payment methods allowing for full internationalization of your e-commerce site.

Customer Service 

Magento e-commerce site provides your customers to view their order status, receive tracking information and submit a "Contact Us" form directly on your site. Through the call center dashboard feature, the customer service agent can access the customer's order history, items in the wishlists and customer shopping cart. This supports the customer service agent to answer the customer queries very effectively.

Mobile Commerce 

Mobile platforms for online shopping is critical for the growth of your business which is the growing trend. Magento understands the importance of this growing trend With the help of Magento, your e-commerce site will automatically detect customers using a mobile browser thus showing a mobile-optimized version of your site. .  Android, iOS and mobile browsers secure more of the shares in the e-commerce industry, and your team can configure user-friendly mobile versions of their Magento browser.

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