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How to Install Vinyl Siding Over Foam Sheathing

    • 1). Snap a chalk line around the base of the house to mark the position for your starter strips. Follow the siding manufacturer's instructions and snap the line the recommended distance from the lowest point of the house. Use your level and chalk line to mark this baseline around the whole house.

    • 2). Fasten your starter strips to the foam-sheathed house. Follow the chalk guide lines and attach the aluminum starter strips to the house with corrosion-resistant nails. Starter strips are a folded piece of aluminum into which the lower course of vinyl siding will be fitted.

    • 3). Attach corner pieces to the inside and outside corners of the house. These corner panels will hold the siding panels in place.

    • 4). Attach J-channels around the edges of doors and windows, and to the underside of any sloped eaves. Fasten undersill trim to the underside of windows and along any horizontal eaves. Siding panels will fit loosely into J-channels, and will lock tightly into undersill trim.

    • 5). Install the vinyl siding panels. Set the first course into the starter strip and fit it into the corner pieces. Fasten the vinyl siding panels with corrosion-resistant nails driven into and through the rigid foam sheathing. The vinyl panels have prefabricated nail slots. Drive the nails through the center of the slots. This will give the panels room to expand and contract due to varying weather conditions.

    • 6). Work your way up and check your level every fifth or sixth siding course. Make minor adjustments accordingly.

    • 7). Mark the excess siding that needs to be removed when you come to a door or window. Use tin snips to cut the panels vertically, and your utility knife to slice away the extra panel surface. Then use your snap lock tool to create lugs in the cut edge of the siding every 16 inches apart. Snap these lugs into the undersill trim.

    • 8). Punch lugs into the cut top edge of the siding under horizontal eaves, using the snap lock tool. Lock these cut pieces into the undersill trim. On sloped eaves, use your tin snips to cut the panel edges to the appropriate angles and fit them into the J-channels.

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