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"The Green Lantern" or how to create your Dream Life

I recently watched the movie "The Green Lantern" and it threw me right back into my childhood – a period of my life where my imagination knew no limits and everything was possible, absolutely everything. Sitting in the movie theater and watching the fantastic creations of the ring left not only with a big smile on my face but also reminded me that there are really no limits to what I can achieve in my life, as long as I can perceive it in as detailed a way as possible and believe that it will become reality.

The gist of this Marvel comic legend is that as the bearer of the ring you can, through the energy of the ring, which it receives from the ‘universe', create anything you want in order to help save the world. The only limitations there are is what the ring bearer can actually envision. The clearer his vision and the stronger his belief, the more effective his ring's creations will be.

Apart from the fact that the ring chooses his bearer I thought that a real cool feature of the ring was that it draws its energy and power through the combined energy of the universe – showing us that the universe with all its living creatures are interconnected.

When thinking back through my life I can say that everything that I wanted, envisioned and believed that it would happen actually became reality – here is an example of how my very own "Green Lantern" worked its magic:

In 2007 I was attending the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York. My friend and I traveled once a month to NY and spent a weekend studying with some 1,800 fellow classmates from across the nation at Columbus Circle. It happened that the 31st of March, my birthday, fell on a class weekend. On Friday, March 30th, already in NYC, I met up with a few friends who had organized a little get-together for me, which I thought to be very sweet of them and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. On the 31st, when walking into our classroom, a temporarily converted concert hall, I was really excited to see what was organized for my birthday. So I asked my friend whether she had organized anything for me – she simply said ‘no'. I got really pissed at her as she, despite knowing how important birthdays are to me, did not do anything to set up a little party for me. Here I was in the heart of New York City, sitting among almost 2,000 people in an environment that I loved and highly enjoyed, but felt like the loneliest guy alive. I started to get angry and feel sorry for myself. All of this happened at around 10:30 in the morning. When I caught myself feeling like a victim, I said stop to myself and put the breaks on my growing emotions of anger, pain and sadness. Instead I closed my eyes and created the coolest birthday I could imagine for that day: 1) I wanted the entire class to applaud me for my birthday, 2) I wanted to have a private chat with the director of the institute I was studying at (at that time he had no clue who I was) 3) I wanted to be on stage and feel how it was to talk to an auditorium of nearly 2,000 people and finally 4) I wanted to have a dinner gathering in a cool restaurant/bar with friends and the principal of the school coming as well.

To me these wishes were quite daring and exciting as I had no clue how these wishes might possibly come true in such a short period of time. I had no clue how to attain any of my wishes in such a short period of time. Basically my wishes had to come true or be on their way by 4:00 in the afternoon as that was when school ended for the day.

Nothing happened for a couple of hours – we had our lunch break and resumed class at 1:00 p.m. At 2:00 p.m. I left my seat to go to the bathrooms. For whatever reason, before returning back to my seat I went upstairs to check out the upstairs section and to look down into the auditorium. While looking down I saw that the director of the institute was sitting in my seat talking to my seat neighbor. My heart rate went up when I saw this and rushed back to my place. When I got back to my seat the director had already left my seat, so I asked my neighbor what he had wanted from us and I got the most amazing answer – he had come over to invite us to his hotel room at the end of class for a private get together. I thought to myself that this was simply crazy and started to internally smile.

During the final hour of class a lively discussion had broken out and I indicated that I had something important to share – to my utter surprise the director of the institute came to my seat gave me the microphone and asked me to go on stage and share my thoughts with the rest of class. So I got up and started to walk to the front as all of a sudden some of my classmates who knew me better started to shout ‘happy birthday'. More and more people realized that it was my birthday so eventually the entire auditorium started to clap and wish me a happy birthday. Standing in front of a couple of thousand people and being wished a happy birthday was a mind-blowing experience and while I enjoyed the attention that I was being given I started to hear the theme of ‘Twilight Zone' in the back of my mind as I realized that another wish just had come through.

Later on that afternoon when I had a private chat with the director I asked him if he wanted to join some of us that evening helping me celebrate my birthday. First he said no, claiming that he was tired and in general did not mix too much with students but nonetheless he asked me for my cell phone so in case he could make it he would give me a call.

Well, needless to say that he did call me later that night and we all ended up celebrating my birthday in a trendy restaurant in Manhattan.

The power of our mind is incredible and unbelievable – we can create anything we want as long as we dare thinking it. Utilize the inner "Green Lantern" that we all have built in and you will be amazed at what is possible for us in this world.

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