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Toddler Swing Sets and Slides


    • Most swings on toddler swing sets come in a distinctive bucket shape that contains holes along one side for your toddler's legs. Toddler slides are very short, usually less than four feet long, in order to minimize falls and other injuries.


    • Swing sets and slides for toddlers give younger children an enjoyable way to get fresh air and exercise outside.


    • Toddler swing sets and slides are typically constructed of plastic, which provides a sturdy, easily-washable surface for your toddler's playtime activities. You may also be able to find wooden or soft-plastic toddler swings, but make sure they have lap belts to hold your toddler securely during swinging.


    • According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, close to 60 percent of playground-related injuries occur as a result of falls. Consider installing a protective surface such as wood chips, sand or mulch under your toddler's swing set or slide to prevent these injuries.


    • If you have only one child, a convertible bucket swing may be a good option so that it grows with your little one. On the other hand, if you have several young children, investing in a toddler play set that has both swings and slides provides more activities at the same time.

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