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Hen Party Weekend Ideas

    Spa Retreat

    • For a less raucous group of women, arrange for a full weekend at the spa. Mud baths, makeovers and herbal treatments, along with plenty of drinks and fine food, might be just the pampering the bride needs before her big day.

    Boot Camp

    • If the bride (and her bridesmaids) are all about getting active and looking great in their dresses, a "boot camp" can be a ton of fun, and a real bonding experience. Arrange for a weekend of exercise and tons of tasty health food, topped off with some time in the sauna or at the tanning salon.

    Amazing Race

    • For an adventurous hen party, take a little time to plan out a weekend based on the show "Amazing Race." Divide the girls into teams and create a few challenges around town. Give the contestants their instructions, and be sure to follow them around with the video camera to capture the event. At night, hold a viewing party to watch that day's events and track the team's progress. Be sure to have a fun prize for the winner.

    Singles Weekend

    • Give the bride-to-be a last weekend filled with singles activities. Start with a girls night out at the movies one night, followed by a sleepover. The next day, set out for shopping and manicures, followed up with a night of dancing at the club. For more rowdy hen parties, a trip to the strip club is in order.


    • Nature-loving brides will love the opportunity to get close with their girls over a roaring campfire. Plan a weekend in the woods or mountains with activities like boating, horseback riding, hiking or just lounging by the lake.

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