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Creative Pots for Plants

    Wicker Baskets

    • Wicker baskets make great potted plant containers.wicker baskets image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.com

      Wicker baskets are an attractive way to grow flowers or green plants. Simply make sure that you have a wicker basket with a fairly close weave and that the flowers that you choose are annuals or transplant easily. Wicker tends to rot after about a year, so make sure that you are prepared to get replace them regularly. You can also reduce the speed of the rot by lining them with a plastic bag and poking a few holes in the bottom for drainage.

    Galvanized Buckets

    Old Gutters

    • Attach long segments of close-ended gutters to your window ledge, your deck or your wall and fill them with small, leafy herbs. Leaks in the gutter make for good drainage, and you can make the most out of your space with this long container. You do need to water this container carefully and to keep moisture from getting between the wall and the gutter. Water between the gutter and the wall can lead to swelling or damage.


    • Unscrew the mailbox door or just leave it hanging open. Drill a few holes in the back of the mailbox for drainage and then set it on end to use as a plant container. You may choose to decorate the mailbox by spraying it with paint or you can simply leave it plain.

    Farm Troughs

    • Watering troughs and feeding troughs are great choices when you are thinking about a larger plant container that can sit in the middle of your yard or garden. You can find these at farm sales, auctions or estate sales, but in recent years, they have become more scarce as they are considered collectors' items.

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