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Jobs at Daycares


    • Teachers who apply for the daycare have to be prepared to face kids of different age groups and mindset. This is one of the most difficult jobs, as teachers need to have the flair for the job. Teachers need to like the job of taking care of the kids while teaching them at the same time. The toddlers need to be taught the basics of language arts and mathematics. They also need to make sure that the kids speak and interact properly. The main objective of the teachers is to aid the child's intuitive abilities with regard to education.


    • The nannies and babysitters typically take physical care of the children, especially infants and toddlers. They generally tend to the necessities of the child. This includes feeding, bedding and also grooming. They are entirely responsible for the child's well being in the daycare, and they need to be alert at all times. They also maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the day care center where the kids play and learn. They feed nutritious meals to the kids and maintain a rapport with the parents. They are meant for providing an overall physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual development.


    • The helpers are meant to assist the teachers and nannies in their duties. These are generally aides who are agile and can help the others out. They need not have any extra qualification or experience, but rather serve as a helping hand. They help in maintaining cleanliness throughout the daycare center and also in preparing the meals. They can also help the managers at times and need to be present at all times. Some helpers can also be posted for child care in case the nannies take a day off.


    • The managers who apply for a daycare center need to help in the administration of the entire facility. They have to maintain separate accounts for the kids and need to preserve a profile or a portfolio for the child. They should make sure that the daycare center is not incurring any kind of loss and must help in furthering the interest of the daycare center. They should promote the daycare center in the locale and must be able to do so with relevant experience in marketing. The candidates who apply for this job must have a dense resume, which can prove their abilities for facilitating the above mentioned. They should also be adept in bookkeeping and accounting. Often a manager (or administrative director) will need to hold a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or similar degree.


    • Physicians and nurses can be hired on a part-time basis. They treat the child in case someone falls sick or is hurt. Nurses can be hired on a full-time basis, as medical assistance is a requisite in almost any daycare center. Much of whether a physician or nurse are present in a daycare facility depends on the size of the center and whetherit is privately owned or franchised.

    Expert Insight

    • The number of workers and types of workers hired in a daycare facility vary according to how large the daycare center is and how many children the facility can accommodate. You can generally find daycare positions in your area by checking with local centers or the career center of your local college.

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