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Is Changing our Jobs the Key to Happiness?

There is much anxiety and stress when confronted with making decisions about our jobs. Most people spend at least eight hours of their waking day at work and with increasing pressure; some are made to work even more.

This leads to stress related illnesses, breakdown of relationships and all out unhappiness.

This article will aim to help you answer that niggling question that's been at the back of your mind possibly for a long time. Should you change your job?

Many people spend their working lives doing a job they absolutely despise? How many do you know really hate how they earn a living. Statistics show that about 65% of the people working today are unhappy with their current jobs. Not being one for statistics I believe through my own research and enquires it's much higher.

The question is why are they doing it and more importantly are you.

It seems finding a better job is hard work... I hate to be the one to tell you this, but somebody has to. Finding the job you want "ain't gonna be easy"

People would actually rather stay where they are and be miserable, than take the time to find something better. Too many people give up because "life" gets in the way and inertia slows and the excuses given for not changing jobs are endless.

People will always have or find an excuse, which one of these have you used recently.

The job market just isn't' good right now...

My husband/wife is in the middle of a big project or...

My son and daughter are in college now and...

We just bought a new car and ...

I am a little nervous about the economy or...

It's just not the right time right now...

Excuse after excuse after excuse... Ok you may not be making excuses but there could be other signs that you need a new job.

Some of the signs could be...

* You have just found out everyone you work with has just got a raise except you...

* The most rewarding thing you have done this week is tidy up your desk top and found a new joke site that you instantly mailed to everyone in your address book.

* Looking at your budget you realize you are spending more than you are earning and the realisation is you need more cash.

* You've got past the point of caring whether you are late for work or not.

* You declined the offer to speak for twenty minuets at the school your kids go to when careers day comes around.

* You constantly daydream about working in foreign lands and helping the poor and indigenous peoples of the Brazilian rain forest.

* You have spent sleepless night worrying whether you would be laid off when the company you work for was taken over and then more sleepless night worrying if they would keep you on.

* There is a long embarrassing pause and silence when your boss try's to remember your name...

* There's an important meeting on restructuring at 11.00 and you were not asked to attend...

These are a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there's a bit of truth in all of them and they just might help you to think and decide whether you should change your job or not.

If you decide you should, the key fact in your success will be that you have taken the time to get organized.

Get organized and be ready

First and foremost, get your personal life in order as best you can. Before you start looking for a new job, be sure that your personal life is "in order" and be prepared to accept what it takes to find a new job.

Set a target amount of time you will spend on your job search each week and stick to it. As with so many other things in life, you get out of it as much as you put into it.

Begin gathering facts, figures and accomplishments about your career to date. Start with such things as dates of employment, job titles and responsibilities, salary progression, major achievements, special skills that make you unique.

Create your own personal portfolio. When advertising agencies are looking for new clients, they always show you their "portfolio". This usually includes copies of their finest work, achievements and the great results their campaigns have achieved.

Create a list of companies that you think you'd like to work for. Get the address, phone number and the name of the CEO/President if possible.

Remember, in the end, no one owes you a job, and it's down to you to take the action if you are unhappy in your job, have the courage to change it.

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