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Outboard Engine Diagnostic Tools

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      As motors and engines become more technically complex and computerized, it becomes more difficult to diagnose problems with a simple wrench and screwdriver. Computerized engines require compatible software that can run complex diagnostic tests in a small amount of time, honing in on the issue so you can fix it quickly and get back out on the water.

    Diacom Plus Marine PC Software By Rinda Technologies

    • The Diacom Plus Marine PC software is a diagnostic tool used in conjunction with a 1 Ghz laptop running Windows. This software turns your laptop into a powerful outboard engine diagnostic tool. It displays 30 engine parameters at the same time so that you can easily see all the specs on your motor together. The software comes with a USB adapter that plugs into your motor. As of September 2010, the software for the standard kit retails for $579 and $699 for the kit along with the CAN network adapter. This adapter allows you to communicate with the CAN-based device on your outboard motor.

      Rinda Technologies

      4563 N. Elston Ave.

      Chicago, IL 60630


    CDI Outboard Engine Diagnostic Tool Kit

    • CDI Electronics' Outboard Engine Diagnostic Tool Kit and Software offers complete troubleshooting capabilities. To run the software, you will need a laptop running Windows with a minimum of 1.2 Ghz. The tool kit includes a multi-meter, a terminal kit and a neon test light in an aluminum storage case. The software is compatible with Mercury and Yamaha marine engines. The software and tool kit are available from a licensed distributor. Check CDI's website for the distributor nearest you.

      CDI Electronics

      111 Commerce Cir.

      Madison, AL 35758


    SIM Yamaha Diagnostic Software

    • SIM Yamaha's Diagnostic Software is specifically designed to diagnose problems with Yamaha outboard motors. Models that it is compatible with include all the HPDI models, four-stroke models F115 through F350, four-stroke models F50 through F90 from 2005 on and all ECU-controlled Yamaha personal watercraft. The diagnostic kit includes the software, a USB engine cable harness and an engine module adapter. The software runs on Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. As of 2010, the software was not compatible with Windows 7, and it retails for $429.

      SIM Yamaha

      1475 S. Shore Dr.

      Washington Island, WI 54246


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