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X-Ray Technician Programs Online

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      An X-ray technician, also referred to as a radiologic technologist or technician, is educated and trained to use diagnostic imaging equipment on patients. This equipment is used so that physicians are able to detect whether or not there are any medical issues in specific parts of your body. In order to become an X-ray technician, or to further your education, there are online programs available for the working adult.

    Pima Medical Institute

    • The Pima Medical Institute offers a program where students can obtain an Associate of Occupational Science degree in radiography. This is an advanced placement track designed for students who already have prior education in radiography; students will be able to transfer a total of 44.5 credits, which include nine from classroom work and 35.5 from clinical experience. The program lasts for three semesters and consists of the same curriculum that students would receive if enrolled in the course on campus. In addition to the classroom academics, students will have hands-on experience during the required externship; students will need to complete this externship at a hospital or clinical site in the area where they live. Students who complete this program are eligible to take the exam for certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

    Saint John's College of Maine

    • The Saint John's College of Maine has a program for students to obtain either a Bachelor of Science degree or an Associate of Science degree in radiologic science administration. Students for either program must have completed a certificate program in radiologic technology before being able to complete any coursework within the degree programs. This program provides working professionals with the education needed to supervise and teach others within schools and radiology departments. The course provides working technicians with the expertise and skills that will be needed in order for them to become department managers. Even though this program is completed entirely online, there is also the option to attend a two-week session in the summer to accelerate the degree at the Lakeside campus.

    Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    • The Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences offers an online program for students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in radiologic sciences. This online program is designed to give licensed imaging technologists who are already working in the field the opportunity to expand the knowledge they currently have and to apply the skills to their work. The program is expected to last between 18 and 24 months and consists of six trimesters of curriculum. Almost one half of the curriculum that you will learn as a student includes general education requirements and the remaining will be directly related to your major in radiologic sciences.

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