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5 Ways to Get Rid Of Moles On Your Skin – 5 Top Skin Mole Removal Techniques

Are you looking for ways to get rid of moles that are spoiling your appearance? Some of the moles may actually add value to your appearance and you don't have to remove those. These are called beauty spots. When skin cells grow in a cluster instead of spreading evenly, moles are formed. Everyone wants to look impressive and smart because appearance is a key aspect of modern day life.

So how does one remove those ugly black and brown colored moles that are spoiling your beauty? The techniques to get rid of moles depends on how many moles you want to remove and how much money you want to spend. Some of these techniques may be simple herbal remedies and the complicated one would involve surgery.

Some of the commonly used techniques for mole removal are:

Surgery – In this method surgery is used to remove a mole. This involves shaving off the mole or cutting it to remove the skin cells. This method is painful and produces scarring. You may have to take painkillers.

Herbal – In this technique an herbal lotion or cream is applied to the moles regularly for several days. Slowly the moles will start drying and fall off on their own. You may not see any scarring of skin in most cases. Even if a scar is produced, it will be minimal.

Creams – There are several creams available in your local drug store that help in removing moles. These creams have acids to get rid of moles. This process will take some time to produce results.

Laser – In this technique a laser beam is used to get rid of moles. A special laser beam is used to destroy the skin cells that form the mole. This treatment is expensive, but produces very little scarring.

Liquid nitrogen – In this method liquid nitrogen is used to destroy the skin cells that form the mole.

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