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Victoria Peak Hong Kong - An Attraction Like No Other

Hong Kong's well-known Victoria Peak is recognised for its splendid array of attractions for visitors, including appealing shopping and dining opportunities. The Peak also offers sensational panoramic views over the city.

The spectacular environment of Hong Kong's Victoria Peak is truly an unforgettable experience for resident locals and foreign visitors alike. This iconic location is considered to be one of the city's most attractive and distinctive areas, a place which amazes and captivates the visitor. No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without an excursion to this much-loved site.

Victoria Peak or Mount Austin as it is also known has the distinction of being the place with the highest altitude within Hong Kong Island. The upper sections of the mountaintop have been developed into an attractive selection of public parks and other attractions.

There is no better way to reach the upper reaches of the mountain than to take the Peak Tram. One of the oldest and best known railways on the globe this splendid tramway rises to a height of no less than 396 m, at a level of inclination that makes trackside buildings look slanted.

The sensational panoramic views on offer from the upper areas of the Peak are an attraction in themselves; few urban areas in the world can match the awe-inspiring skyline of Hong Kong which is dramatically presented from this location. Even the legendary skyline of Manhattan cannot match the splendid array of skyscrapers situated in this unforgettable city.

For the most breathtaking views visitors should try out the astounding Sky Terrace, which offers remarkable 360 degree views encompassing the entirety of Hong Kong. An additional attraction at this terrace is the appealing Sky Gallery, which presents a selection of the works of Hong Kong's most accomplished artists.

The highlight of the attractions is the iconic Peak Tower, which offers numerous features of interest such as an outstanding array of shopping opportunities and splendid dining facilities. The opportunity to enjoy a meal with the most memorable of external views will delight the most jaded of visitors. With so much to see and do, an excursion to Victoria Peak is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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