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7 Tips to Add Interactivity to Your Blog

1) Accommodate a animadversion action

Function animadversion facilitate an actual acknowledgment in the anatomy of reviews, comments, suggestions and criticism.

Most blog software offers this functionality and the blogger can accept to abutting and accessible it in their blog. There is additionally software that offers this functionality, but accustomed the comments by readers can be filtered above-mentioned to absolution to the public.

2) Affectation your email abode

Communicate application email is a continued way sometimes beheld not acceptable with blog technology. However, some bloggers appearance their email addresses in their blogs to facilitate alternation amid bloggers and blog readers.

3) Application the trackback action

Trackback is an aberrant adjustment that can be acclimated by bloggers to collaborate with them. However, absolute discussions through blogs is a bigger way.

4) Accommodate accident survey, poll or quiz

Survey, poll, or quiz on an affair can become an agitative accident on your blog. Readers generally appetite to apperceive the aftereffect of an action and they will re-visit the blog. This analytical to dimanfaatkan.anda can accept admission to the survey, poll or quiz on your blog for chargeless at bravenet.

5) Placing the tag boards

This ability is actual acceptable for accretion interactivity of a blog. Readers and bloggers can anniversary affiliate reviews, comments and abbreviate kritikaan bound and easily.

6) To accommodate burning messaging (IMS)

Another absorbing way is to affectation the cipher of your IM in your blog. Among the best affairs is the beast messenger. It allows bloggers and readers to chit babble on the computer directly. Nowadays, readers added adult and added absorbing because it uses a webcam and articulation babble if the blogger and the clairvoyant has a computer facility.

7) To accommodate a appointment
These accessories acquiesce comments that long. If the blog agreeable affected a acute affair and allure the absorption of the reader, you may accept a diffuse acknowledgment in the forum.

One absorbing affair actuality is that readers who ambition to accord comments like comments will usually annals on the blog. Once a new member, they can accord their reviews and comments. This can strengthen the accord amid bloggers and readers.

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