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How to Write an Anzac Day Speech

    • 1). Sketch in the points you want to raise in your ANZAC speech. Jot down items such as where the battlefield was, how many soldiers from both countries were deployed and how ANZAC helped both of these young countries solidify their nations. Remind people why they wear poppies on ANZAC day.

    • 2). Start with a patriotic thesis statement about the brave, loyal, determined troops who set out to defend people in a foreign land. Briefly mention the topics you are going to cover in the rest of your introduction.

    • 3). Talk about the courage and the compassion the Kiwi and Aussie troops exhibited. Also make reference to the battle at Nek, where the soldiers charged out of the trenches when so ordered and headed for almost certain death.

    • 4). Mention Simpson and his donkey. This brave soldier helped rescue about 300 wounded soldiers before he was shot by Turkish troops.

    • 5). Talk about how the ANZAC services all over Australia and New Zealand follow the same protocol: the trumpet plays the "Last Post," the Ode is read, and there is a minute of silent reflection.

    • 6). Touch on the fact that in Australia and New Zealand, people feel very strongly about the ANZAC spirit. World War I represented Australia and New Zealand's entry to the world stage, and the ANZAC soldiers did both countries proud.

    • 7). Note that even today, Australians and New Zealanders are welcomed by the Greeks. Every year people from "down-under" to Gallipoli for ANZAC Day and are touched to know that the people in Greece have not forgotten the sacrifice the ANZAC soldiers made.

    • 8). Summarize the points you have made in your ANZAC speech in your concluding paragraph. Make your final statement strong, and link it back to your thesis statement.

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