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Space Chimps Game Hints

    • Space Chimps is a multiplatform game based on the hit animated children's movie "Space Chimps." The game can be played on the Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 2 and the Xbox 360. While a fun adventure recommended for children ages 10 and older, it can still be a difficult game. There are a number of hints and tips for the gamer that will help alleviate the difficulty.


    • One of the more important aspects of the game is jumping, whether from vine to vine or cliff face to cliff face. There are many opportunities and points in the game where your jumping skills prove vital. When on a vine, for instance, you can control the direction of the jump as well as the camera position to help you land the jump. Fiddle and practice these while you are sitting on a vine, and out of danger of any aliens. Another useful trick is to double-jump. Press the jump button twice--once to jump and then once again in the air. To maximize your jump height, press the jump button for the second time while you are at the peak of your first jump. This allows you to reach secret areas and make difficult jumps.


    • Ham and Luna have two very distinct fighting styles, and each are useful for various conditions. Bear this in mind when choosing who to play with and who to use for each level. Ham, the male chimpanzee, is more adept at melee, or hand-to-hand combat than his companion Luna. Luna is best when she fires her gun. Luna can attack and stun larger enemies, while taking out smaller enemies from a safe distance. Ham is more hands-on and also has a useful attack called the Dive Bomb. Jump into the air, and press the attack button to dive toward your opponent. Ham's Dive Bomb attack also works best if you double-jump and then press attack while at the peak of your second jump. You will inflict more damage and maintain a safer distance from enemies for longer.

    Bananas and Secret Content

    • Bananas are an integral part of the game as well. Find and eat any bananas that you come across, as they do two things: they replenish health and they unlock secret content, such as behind-the-scenes footage of the game-making process and trailers for both the game and the movie. You can only find these by finding all the bananas though, and some are hidden.

      Globhoppers unlock other secret content not accessible with the bananas. They look like brightly colored gummi bears. They can be behind trees or in the background and easily missed, so keep a look out for them too. Once you find one, the rest will be easy to spot.

      To find bananas and globhoppers, look for climbable walls. Test all the walls in the game. If you can climb a wall, it is normally for a purpose and will lead you somewhere important.


    • The many puzzles in this game can be tough, but they can all be figured out with a little patience. For instance, if a clear path isn't visible, stand still for a moment and wait for something to move or shake. This will give you a hint as to what to interact with to solve the puzzle. If nothing moves, shoot at anything on the screen. This will at least clear a path, or show you the way out. There are no downsides to shooting things if you are stuck. If you must activate a pressure plate in the game, make sure to stand on it until it is flush with the ground. If you stand on it, but not wait until it is completely activated, your puzzle will not be solved, or the door will not be opened.

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