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How to Service My 2000 GMC Yukon XL Front Hubs


    • 1). Raise the Yukon with a jack and chock the rear wheels; apply the parking brake as an extra precaution. Slowly lower the Yukon onto jack stands, then remove the jack once the vehicle is resting securely on them. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel then remove the wheel. Position a container beneath the brake assembly and spray the components with brake parts cleaner.

    • 2). Remove the two bolts that secure the brake caliper to the caliper bracket with a socket wrench. Slide the bolts out then lift the caliper off the bracket. Hang the caliper from the frame of the Yukon with a piece of wire to avoid stressing the rubber brake line.

    • 3). Remove the two bolts that secure the caliper mounting bracket to the assembly. Lift the bracket over the brake rotor and set it aside. Hold the brake rotor with both hands and pull it toward you off the wheel hub. Loosen the Allen-head screw that retains the ABS wheel sensor to the top of the hub, then withdraw the sensor.

    • 4). Remove the retaining bolts from the inside of the steering knuckle with a socket wrench then remove the disc shield from its mounting. Pull the hub and bearing assembly out of the steering knuckle.


    • 1). Insert the new hub and bearing assembly into the steering knuckle. Install the disc shield back onto its mounting then use a torque wrench to replace the retaining bolts to 133 foot-pounds. Insert the ABS wheel sensor back into the hub and use the torque wrench with an Allen-head socket attached to tighten the screw to 156 inch-pounds.

    • 2). Slide the rotor back over the lug bolts and onto the hub. Replace the caliper mounting bracket onto the brake assembly and install the bolts evenly to 129 foot-pounds. Remove the wire from the brake caliper and install the caliper onto the mounting bracket. Replace the mounting bolts and secure them to 80 foot-pounds.

    • 3). Replace the wheel and lug nuts. Move on to the next wheel if necessary. When the work is complete, lower the Yukon to the ground and tighten the lug nuts evenly in a star pattern to 140 foot-pounds.

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