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How to Keep People Stay Focused on Your Website: Adrian Morrison Gives Tips on Keeping the Flow on Y

You have made a website for your business, people come to the site but only 1% spends more than 30 seconds, how is this going to affect your business? Such situation will brutally hurt your business. According to Adrian Morrison, famous internet marketer, at least 60% of your target visitors must spend 30-50 seconds on your website. Design of the website plays vital role in deciding about stay of the visitors.

Internet marketers use the term "Sticky" for a website or for navigation of a website that keeps visitors glued on it. However, according to Adrian Morrison, many marketers do not understand complexity of the process and overdo it. The result is flocking away of the visitors. Adrian Morrison emphasizes many aspects for keeping traffic stuck to your website. According to him, marketers should study websites and networks like Amazon, Facebook and social forums. These websites are an excellent example of sticking websites.

However, every website has its pitfalls and failed strategies. You need to understand how necessary it is to stay connected with the people. Adrian Morrison is an internet marketer with an experience expanded over the years. He started his career as an entrepreneur. At that time, he was studying in early years of college. Adrian started his business from his home, with an old several times repaired computer. His hard work, dedication and untiring efforts took him to greater heights of success.

Today, Adrian is a motivating public speaker. He is a millionaire who supports several charity programs. Adrian helps others, specially deprived kids to achieve their share from life. He provides software, courses and step by step guides on internet marketing.

What You Should Follow _ What You Should Avoid:

€ If you want to make your website "sticky", never try to apply artificial means. Many times, we come across websites that are designed in such a complicated way that even owner of the website will get lost in this alien navigation.

€ Try to make website as simple as you can, make sure that everything is in easy reach of the customer.

€ Never mislead your visitor, if he is searching for James Bond movie, do not take him to Hollywood Movie section. However, you can recommend your visitor, but never deceive.

€ Keep the design professional and appealing.

Design Appeal of Facebook, Google+, Amazon etc:
Facebook, Amazon and Google+ are excellent examples of sticky designed websites. There features are designed in such a way that users love to spend most of their time on these social networking websites. In this post, we will discuss design of facebook. Facebook provides everything desirable to its users. There are tiny actions "Likes", there are moderate options like sharing and there are options for long discussions, debates and opinion sharing "Comments".

But, even facebook does not cater with all of the needs of its users. Often people complain about its privacy policies. In recent years there was a debate on what facebook called "right of every user". Feminist organizations demanded that all pages that support sexual abuse in any form shall be banned from facebook. Whereas facebook urged that, it is freedom of opinion. Well, it was a real controversial issue, the reason we have mentioned it here is to show how contrasting opinions of public can ruin image of a website.

In this case, the case provided publicity, bad of course, to not just facebook, but also to the above-mentioned pages. Facebook Marketing is also a very good way to build up you reputation.

On the other hand, Amazon provides its users greater options. When a user comes on an online store, he is not always prepared to make a purchase. Sometimes they are just window shopping, getting ideas for a later purchase. Amazon keeps their searches save. It provides hundreds of options in a single product. It is cost effective, easy to navigate and does not mislead its visitors. For example, if you search "profound weight loss machine Amazon", you will be lead to the page that features various weight loss machine manufactured by profound. However if you type Profound ZT treadmill machine, you will be taken to the exact page.
This practice holds immense importance. In order to create sticky websites, you must make sure that you do not mislead people.

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