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Healthy fast food takeout in Surulere, list calories count of meals on its menu

The average life expectancy of Nigerians is 47 years (Source: World Bank, World Development Indicator) compared with the Japanese, who have the highest average life expectancy of 83 years. So what are the Japanese doing that we are not? What are their health secrets? The difference is in eating and drinking healthy. Recent news from BBC, February, 2010 indicates that maintaining a healthy lifestyle could add another seven years to our life. There are many factors that affect our health. Some we cannot control, such as our genetic makeup or age, however, we can help reduce our risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and other serious diseases by eating healthy.

Healthy Wok is all about healthy eating; It's the alternative to unhealthy fast food. It is an innovative concept that targets a new style of dinning, which is healthy and fast. Created by owners Ademola Ajibola, a medical doctor and Modupe Ajibola, an alternative health enthusiast and IT Consultant, healthy wok was borne out of the desire to change the way Nigerians eat, (by creating a healthy option of fast food) and to increase nutritional awareness.

Healthy Wok is tucked away in Surulere, Lagos, off Ogunlana Drive. It's unapologetic in its décor and feel, making it a good handout. Its clientele are diverse, attracting a mix of people, who are attracted by the buzz of the place, for it definitely has a lot going on. It offers a different fast food experience to the standard expectation. For instance the health benefit of drinks sold (which excludes soft drinks) are listed on the menu. What is notably different is that the takeout offers low calories menu, and it's the first dinning hangout in Nigeria to list the calories count of meals on its menu, which is perfect for healthy conscious clients. The food is cooked in a wok (Chinese pot) right before your eyes, so you can witness the chefs in action sizzling your meats and vegetables in your favourite sauce, this dramatic element, adds to the ambience.

The Menu

Healthy wok's tagline is fresh, healthy and delicious. Food is cooked by stir-frying, a Chinese cooking technique called chao, a small amount of oil is used at high temperature to quickly sear or steam the food. Vegetables and pieces of meat, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, used in this technique retains less oil making it a reasonably healthy way to prepare food and reduce cholesterol.

The food though healthy is far from bland, the menu is constantly innovated, each dish combination bursting with it's own unique flavour and clients are creating their own meal, with their choice of ingredients , and sauces to suit various taste.

Be adventurous and try a wide variety of combination of food so as to appreciate the full diversity and creativity that the menu has to offer, food is prepared to order with orders coming from direct walk- in, the telephone or Online.

Address: Healthy Wok, 16 Oyekan Road, off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere


Location: Situated in Surulere, it's 10minutes walk from Alhaji Masha, second turning on the right on Ogunlana Drive

Telephone or Text: 07029599770, 08088116030

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 12:00pm -10:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm – 8:00pm.

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