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Miniature Dachshund Puppy Information

    Physical Characteristics

    • The dachshund's long torso and short legs are its distinguishing features. The coat is smooth, long or wirehaired; colors and markings vary. Miniature dachshund pups grow to no more than 11 lbs. by age 12 months, according to the standard.


    • The Dachshund Club of America says puppies can be tough to house-train. They're also born diggers.


    • Dachshunds don't require a lot of bathing --- less than once monthly, the DCA says. They aren't suited to live outdoors.

    Health Concerns

    • Medical issues for dachshund puppies include pattern baldness, retention of baby teeth and developmental bone or joint issues, says the American Animal Hospital Association. Because of their long backs, both miniature and standard dachshunds are prone to intervertebral disk disease, an instability of bones in the spine.


    • The DCA recommends training your puppy to use a ramp when it gets on and off furniture, as jumping off heights can lead to spinal problems. Obesity can also strain the back, so it's critical to keep a miniature dachshund pup trim.

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