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How to Make a Nursing Learning Plan

    • 1). Open up Word document or other word processing document. A digital document can help you organize and edit your learning plan more efficiently than using pen and paper.

    • 2). Select a condition for the learning plan. Nursing learning plans can focus on several health and wellness topics.

    • 3). Consult the textbook or class curriculum on your selected topic. You may need to identify the basic principles involved with assessing the condition to create an effective learning plan for the student.

    • 4). Create the introduction section. ype out the name of the lesson followed by the terms 'Actual' or 'Potential' to indicate the type of situation/condition the lesson will cover.

    • 5). Create the 'Related' section. This will be a checklist table that lists all of the reasons why the condition listed in the introduction might exist.

    • 6). Create the 'As evidenced by' section. This is another checklist table that lists the major and minor side effects associated with the condition; this may take the form of a 2-column table with 'Major' and 'Minor' listed in the first column and a listing of different conditions in the right column. This section lists all of the specific effects of the condition.

    • 7). Insert a 5-column table in your Word document. These sections will need to be labeled as: Date and Signature; Plan and Outcome; Target Date; Nursing Interventions; and Date Achieved. This helps to organize the different assessments of the condition so that the student nurse can go through each one in a sequential order.

    • 8). Create room for signatures. Create two lines for signatures from the nursing student and the patient.

    • 9). Print the document. The learning plan is ready to be used by students who are ready to assess patients for a specific condition.

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