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Tips On How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend

So you have been friends with this hot girl for some time already and always had some sort of a crush on her. You have always wanted to bring the friendship level into something more - getting her to be your girlfriend.

However, you have no idea on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend .

You are also afraid that your friendship with her may be jeopardized when you wish to bring the relationship with her to a whole new level.

Does this scenario ring a bell in your life?

Most guys will have come across this scenario at least once in their life, and some have even encountered more than once.

Here are a few tips on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend :

1st tip on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend - Become even better friends with the person.

Whatever your relationship with her is, always strive to become a better friend.

Show her that you are her best friend and you will be there for her when something goes wrong!

Show her that your care for her is beyond the friendship level.

2nd tip on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend - Don't tell her that you like her YET!

Do not commit this grave mistake by telling her that you like her when you discovered that you have a thing for her!

Keep in mind that your relationship with her is just friends for NOW...

Therefore, if you will to suddenly blurt out that you like her out of the blue, she will definitely be in a terrible shock .

She is not even emotionally ready to hear these words when her definition of you in her dictionary is just a "friend"!

In the worst case scenario, she may even avoid you.

3rd tip on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend - She might also have the same feelings towards you!

The process of turning a friend into a girlfriend will be much easier if you discovered that she has also the same feeling towards you!

You can know this by reading her body language...

Does she always find a chance to set closer to you in group outings?

Does she always like to stick with you during friends outing?

Is she always making eye contact with you?

If both of you have mutual friends, does she only like to spend time alone with you?

These are all telltale signs that she is interested in you !

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