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Sophisticated Features: Philips DECT Baby Monitor

If you want the most sophisticated and feature packed baby monitor you can find, look at the Philips DECT baby monitor. It comes with many desirable features such as two-way communication, static free listen-in, temperature monitor and a range of 900 feet. And it also looks very stylish.

These digital baby monitors [] come in a nylon carry case and, on opening the package, you will see that the components come fitted into a modular frame, which includes the parental receiver and the baby monitor which are sophisticated in design and features.

The Philips DECT baby monitor comes with a pictorial guide that makes set up of both the baby unit and the parental receiver simple. The parental unit only requires to be charged for a few hours before it starts to function. The baby monitor and parental unit link by way of radio waves and the linking is shown as lights blinking through the synchronization process.

The Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology of the DECT baby monitor gets rid of static and permits clear reception of sounds and images in both directions. The baby monitor needs to be kept at a 2 foot distance from the baby to protect her from the microwaves. These monitors do not get disrupted by interference from phones or radio and microwave devices, hence are static free.

The monitor provides secure communication on 60 radio channels, which it continually monitors to ensure reliable communication with the baby. There are many appealing features on this device: it sings lullabies to the baby, has a nightlight and even has a remote control, enabling you to keep an eye on the baby while you are in a distant room.

The monitor can be set through various choices presented on an LCD screen, where you set up the various programs available. The monitor can be used to speak to your baby from anywhere within a 900 foot radius just by talking into the receiver unit.

You can keep an eye on your little angel from anywhere in the house or the garden, take a bath or cook dinner. The DECT baby monitor is outfitted with a temperature gauge which monitors the nursery's temperature and if the temperature exceeds the set limit it buzzes to notify you via the parental receiver.

The songs on the Philips DECT baby monitor sound a lot like the ones on the mobiles hung over cribs. They play lullabies to your baby in a cycle of 5 minutes. The LED nightlights on the monitor come with rechargeable batteries; these lights bathe the baby's room in a muted light permitting you to check on your child with a quick look. With all these features, it is unlikely that you'll find baby monitors that are any more sophisticated than this model.

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