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Pre-Teen Slumber Party Games

    Talent Show

    • Host a talent show where each guest will win a prize.

    Beautiful Disaster

    • Blindfold each girl so they cannot see what they are doing. Tell the girls to start putting on their makeup. Set a timer. Choose a winner based on who has on the most disastrous makeup.

    Video Game Party

    • Many video games let multiple guests play at the same time. Consider inviting guests over for a night of Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution.

    Candy Hunt

    • Scatter sealed candy across the yard. Give each guest a basket and a flashlight to find and collect the hidden candy.

    Guess That Celebrity

    • Each guest will put the name of a celebrity in a hat. The hat will be passed around for everyone to take a card. Each guest will get up in front of the party to imitate the celebrity on their card. The game is over after each celebrity has been identified.

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