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No Excuses Summit 3 - Do or Do Not There Is NO Try!

2012 is hear and it's time with regard to the "No Excuses Summit 3" Event. If you didn't have an opportunity to attend last years No Excuses Summit II Event, well now is your chance to get in line for this years special event.

The "No Excuses Summit 3" special event is definitely the most significant network marketing coaching event of it's kind. And this years event ought to knock the doors off of the Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas. This article is for YOU, if you are interested in taking your multi-level marketing efforts to another level.!!

Are you serious about your network marketing business?

How serious are you?

If you answered YES then this event is for you!! No Excuses Summit 3 is no 3 ring circus! It's the real deal inside the Network Marketing Industry. In Fact, it's the largest training get together of the year. The No Excuses Summit 3 event is not a network marketing company. It's not a pre-launch. It's not a sell me your latest products event. What it is, is a Network Marketing Training Event put together by two network marketers. Mr. Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong.

So, who are these 2 guys? Well, they are two ex rocket scientists who are involved in Network Marketing. Being scientists, they started dabbling and testing in Search Engine Optimization. Once they learned about each other they recognized they had a couple of things in common, Margaritas and know how for SEO. In months following this mastermind they started a company and released their first product called SEO Networker 1.00 One of the most sought after SEO systems of its time.

Quickly becoming superstars in the online network marketing community as leaders in Search Engine Optimization they suddenly were being recoginized by leaders in the industry. Through there foresight and new found contacts they created the No Excuses Summit for Network Marketers. That was three years ago. In the mean time they have launched the Premium Search Engine Optimization guide, SEO Networker 3-0, and they are ready to bring on the most amazing 3 days of network market training.

After participating in last years No Excuses Summit II event I am able to truthfully say it was worth the cost I spent to be a part of it. Two days of Industry Headliners in the most beautiful theater I have ever been in, The Pearl Theater at the Palm's Resort Hotel and Casino. Check out my No Excuses Summit II Event review here on my website.

So now that you have the details of last years event and who Ray and Ferny are lets move on to this year's No Excuses Summit 3 event. To Kick it Off, this years event will be held at the brand new Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas. You won't believe your eyes when you see this joint!!!!

The event starts on Friday April 20th and runs through Sunday April 22nd. At the end of each day there will be break out sessions for the speakers for that day in which you will be able to meet with them individually. And of course there will be the VIP mixers for those participants that purchased the VIP Passes. Suggestion: Go VIP, I did. It's the best way to get close with the events speakers and other industry leaders at this event.

Right now tickets are not available yet to the general public, but if you will subscribe to my RSS feed you will be the first to know when the tickets go on sale. How come I know all of this? Well let's just say I have some insider information. Don't be kicking yourself in the rear because you didn't take me seriously!

Until Next Time .... Live Life by Design

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