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Exploring Carriacou Island and Its Beauty

Carriacou Island is situated in the Caribbean Sea, and is included in an important archipelago called the Grenadines. The island itself is small, as it only has 13 square miles on which live about 4,500 people. There are a few human settlements on the island, among which the most important are Hillsborough and L'Esterre.

Carriacou Island is not very far from another island, called Petite Martinique, and both of them are under the ruling of Grenada. This one is even smaller than its neighbor and a less numerous population lives here. The main activities in which locals are involved are fishing, building boats and seafaring.

The terrain on Carriacou Island is quite hilly, but the island does have a large number of beautiful beaches, remarkable because of their white sand. Because this island is the biggest of the Grenadines, it is also one tourist destination in the Caribbean, although it is a little off the beaten path.

The natural beauty of the island is what makes it such a great tourist destination for a traveler in search of exploring a quiet, untouched location. Among the secrets waiting to be uncovered on Carriacou Island, you will find the natural harbors and the coral reefs. Traveling around the island will allow you to see some offshore islets also worthy of your explorations.

You will find that there are no rivers here, and locals rely on rains for drinking water. The dry season is particularly harsh for the people living here as the winds blow heavily without bringing any rain.

Most of the people living on Carriacou Island are Africans, although there is a British influence here because the island was once occupied by the British. French influences can also be felt, particularly in the names of the places, as well as in the name of the island itself. A native language, called patois, is spoken by the inhabitants; but if you know English or French, you can communicate with them just fine.

Among the places to see on the island, you will find the Sacred Heart Church, which was the first religious place built by Catholics here. The church was initially made of wood but it was seriously damaged by a hurricane. Years later, a new church, with the same name but sturdier, was erected on the same place.

Hurricanes are quite a common occurrence. While some important hurricanes managed to avoid the island, one did not in 2005; Hurricane Emily caused serious damage. Many people were homeless as a result.

Carriacou Island is well known for its festivals. The carnival is the most important of them and is usually organized in February or March. Another event, Carriacou Regatta, is organized in August and is a boat racing competition. Another great festival is the Maroon Festival, which usually takes place towards the middle of the year.

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