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What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Light Fittings For Your House?  

Whether it is pendants, chandeliers, down lights, track lights, selecting ceiling spotlights can turn out to be a daunting task. Several questions are likely to bog down user while browsing online or flipping pages of a catalogue. Do not get confused with several options available.

In this article, we have provided important pointers that will may help you make an informed decision. Remember, each room has a different ambience and needs to make a distinct style statement. It is very important to consider numerous factors such as correct size and finish. For instance, a living room will have very dissimilar requirement compared to your bedroom.

Make sure you get the perfect look from the correct ceiling light. Chandeliers create an atmosphere of opulence and grandeur. On the other hand pendants personify versatility and multiple looks. Flush fittings are a perfect option for low ceilings and bathrooms.   

Here are different types of Lighting Fittings
#1 Chandelier

A chandelier, French meaning "candle holder" is often defined as a branched and ornate fixture of lighting suspended from ceiling. However, with advent of electricity, chandeliers have taken creativity and design to new heights. It serves as a perfect fit and creates just about the right atmosphere for an intimate romantic dinner or a warm family dinner.  
#2 Pendants
A pendant is defined as an ornament allowed to hang free or an electrical fixture that can be suspended from the ceiling. Pendants come in different styles and forms such as conventional pendants, inverted pendants or mini-pendants. They have an edge over lamps as they free up space and provide a clutter free look.

They provide excellent illumination as well as focused task lighting. You can consider pendant lighting over tables, work desks or a bedside table.
Using multiple mini-pendants hung or staggered can create a breathtaking lighting display or task lighting.
#3 Ceiling Spotlights

Ceiling Spotlights are perfect for accentuating wall decor or mirrors and ideal for a focused light. They come in different shapes and sizes and are used to focus on specific spots in a space.

#4 Flush Mounts
Flush mounts do not hang from the ceiling and defy the norm.  You can simply attach flush mounts to the ceiling without chains or metal rods. As a result, there is no gap between the lighting fixture and the ceiling. Practical, stylish and contemporary, Flush Mounts are the perfect type of ceiling spotlights in homes with low ceilings.

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