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Can You Lose Weight in the First Trimester?

    The First Trimester

    Morning Sickness

    • Morning sickness can develop in the first trimester, causing the woman to feel nauseous frequently and vomit, often in the morning. Because of this, morning sickness can lead to weight loss.

    Loss of Appetite

    • In the first trimester, pregnant women may experience an overall loss of appetite and have trouble digesting foods without vomiting. This can lead to weight loss.

    Taking Care of the Baby

    • Pregnant women should only lose a few pounds during the first trimester, if any. And, they should make sure their doctor is monitoring the weight loss. To ensure the health of the baby, pregnant women should take prenatal vitamins.

    Taking Care of the Mother

    • While pregnant women experience a loss of appetite, they should attempt to eat whenever possible and get plenty of rest.

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