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Why Women Get Stressed Out About The Things They Really Want!

Whether you are working on a new project, starting a new relationship, starting a new job, taking on a new position, launching a new business, meeting a new client, going to college or giving your first speech; that initial euphoria of "wow, my life is finally taking a turn for the better!" can quickly be replaced by "Oh my goodness! What is happening to me?"-- For the following reasons:

1. You are afraid of entering into new and uncharted territories.

You have been so used to life in the "comfort zone" and are now feeling nervous because this is the first time you are doing something like this. To alleviate the stress--embrace change!

2. You are afraid that you are not competent enough to handle the task.

Your inexperience might cause you to believe that you are not qualified to perform the task at hand. These feelings of inadequacy may make you feel like an imposter, thereby increasing the stress factor. To alleviate the stress--get knowledgeable about the subject matter in question.

3. You don't know what you need to do to accomplish the project.

You have accepted the assignment without the necessary experience or knowledge about how to execute it--to alleviate the stress, collaborate with and delegate to people who can do the work you can't do on your own.

4. You are afraid that you will fall short of the expectations of those who are counting on you.

You are not confident that your work will meet the high standards of those who have assigned the task--to alleviate the stress, make sure that you provide quality and exceptional work and strive to do more than is expected of you in a timely manner.

5. You are unclear about what you are expected to do.

You don't know what exactly it is that is expected of you and what the final result of your actions should look like-- to alleviate the stress, Ask for clarification on the matters that remain unclear. How can you possibly move forward with confidence if you don't know where you are headed?

6. You are engaged with the wrong person, working with the wrong people or have taken on the wrong client or project.

You don't like or trust the person who has entrusted you with the task or the client you are working with and feel that you are being taken advantage of or that the relationship is not to your advantage--to alleviate the stress, gather the courage, redefine the terms of the relationship and resolve the stressful issues.

7. You are working on the wrong goal.

Even though what you are working on is appealing and you have been waiting for it for so long; it's not in alignment with your core values and beliefs and your conscious just won't let you get on with it--to alleviate the stress, dump the goals and projects that stress you out and focus on the goals and projects that make you come alive and live a fulfilling life!

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