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Neutral pH Plants


    • Trees that grow best in neutral pH soils include the common thornless honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos). This deciduous tree tolerates urban pollution, salt and sunny sites and grows to 60 feet tall with an equal spread. It has an airy, open canopy and glossy foliage. Flowering dogwoods (Cornus florida) also grow well in neutral soil. These deciduous trees grow to 20 or 30 feet tall and are prized for their white, pink and red flower bracts that appear in spring.


    • Several species of shrub in the Daphne genus grow best in neutral pH soil. The rose daphne (D. cneorum) grows to 12 feet tall with a 6-foot spread and blooms with bright-pink flowers in early spring and late summer. Caucasian daphne (D. caucasica) grows to 5 feet tall and wide, and blooms with aromatic white flowers, followed by red or black berries. Both prefer light to partial shade and moist, well-draining soil. The glossy abelia (Abelia x grandiflora) thrives in neutral soil. This semievergreen shrub grows to 6 feet wide with a similar spread and has dark foliage. It blooms with aromatic, tube-shaped pink flowers and grows well in sunny or partially shaded sites.

    Ground Covers

    • Use ground covers to prevent weed growth and fill in bare spots. Crown vetch (Coronilla varia) grows from 1 to 3 feet tall and spreads to 6 feet wide. This tolerant ground cover thrives in neutral pH soils and grows well in clay and poor soil. Crown vetch blooms with fragrant, small purple flowers during the growing season and has dark-green foliage. The bush honeysuckle (Diervilla sessilifolia) grows from 3 to 4 feet tall and prefers a neutral pH. This deciduous ground cover spreads quickly by suckering and blooms with fragrant but small yellow flowers. It grows well in full sun to partial shade and dry soils.


    • Perennials die back in winter but regenerate in spring for at least three years in a row. The pincushion flower (Scabiosa caucasica) grows best in neutral pH soil. This perennial grows from 18 to 24 inches tall and blooms with white, blue and purple flowers in early summer. It prefers sunny to partially shaded sites with excellent drainage. Other perennials for neutral soil include windflowers (Anemone quinquefolia). These 10- to 12-inch plants bloom through the spring with white, blue and red-purple blossoms. They grow well in sun or partial shade and well-draining sites.

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