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Top 5 Games in the Games Magazine Hall of Fame

Games Magazine has created a Hall of Fame for games. These are my picks for the best of all their inductees.

1. Acquire

Players invest in companies, trying to hold a majority of stock. Businesses grow and merge as tiles are added to the board; each game develops differently. Acquire has been published several times over the years, a testament to its enduring quality.More »

2. Diplomacy

Euopre, circa 1900. Up to seven powers compete to control the continent by making and sometimes breaking promises. Be ready to spend an entire day playing this game, but if you're into negotiation games there is none better. For 2 to 7 players.More »

3. Scrabble

Some players study Scrabble like Garry Kasparov studies Chess. The Deluxe edition boasts several worthwhile features, including a board that spins and holds letters in place. I think Scrabble is best with 2 players.More »

4. Risk

The classic game of global conquest. I prefer the updated version, Risk 2210 AD, but spent so many hours playing Risk in college that I should have earned a second degree in world domination.More »

5. Taboo

Your challenge in this party game is to get your teammates to say a word -- but there are five words you can't say while trying to do that! And you also can't make gestures... A game that's great fun with the right crowd.More »

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