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These days that we find almost everything on the web, it is difficult to choose a gift. But on the other hand it's easier to be original. I personally always loved to be original in my gifts, and believe me it has its rewards!

Last time my girl friend had her birthday I surprised her with a jigsaw with a picture of us, and a mouse pad with my picture redesigned by me with funny comments two very cheap gifts that make her eyes shine even more then they always do.

Since then I always do this with my gifts. I'm so addicted to this topic that I even start one online store where you find exactly what I have found the first time I try personalized gifts.

I called it Wear Your Mood because I think it is possible to "print" your mood in objects.

Those are the kind of thing that are almost inexpensive and make you feel so good!
I can explain how you can do very cheap personalized gifts in short words.

Fist you must choose a product, there are hundreds of products you can choose. From watches to mugs, from jigsaw to mouse pads, from usb flash drive to shirts, almost everything you can think you will find it there.

Second you have to choose a picture you want to have in your gift, once more your imagination is the limit. Your own picture, a picture of someone you love, a picture of your idol, or your pet, your favorite cartoon, or just browse the net for beautiful pictures from open sources... Than if you want you can edit it and add some nice things. Add a comment telling your girl you Love her, make funny things... just try to surprise those you care for.

And at the end just upload the picture and see how it looks. If it is all right just complete the process and in a few days you have it at your door buy mail.

As you can see, those kind of gifts are easy to make and very cheap. You can make it in 15 minutes and only with a few bucks.

Don't ever give someone the same gift others give, be original, be you... give personalized gifts.

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