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How to Paint Window Signs

    Painting Window Signs

    • 1). Plan your design. Find a simple picture you'd like to paint, such as an image in a catalog of window-painting patterns, or draw your own picture on a large piece of paper, such as newsprint or butcher paper. If you will be writing text onto the window and wish to make an original pattern, type the words using a word processing program. After you have chosen the font type and size, print it out. Keep your design's spacing and layout in mind as you plan your window sign.

      Look at store windows wherever you go and make a note of what caught your attention; let them inspire new ideas for your window. The Internet may also provide some good ideas.

    • 2). Clean the windows using a regular household window and glass cleaner. Wipe it clean with paper towels. Keep doing this until all the dust and dirt has come off the window or else the paint will begin to peel prematurely.

    • 3). Adhere your patterns on the opposite side of the window with masking or art tape, which allows you to reuse the pattern in the future. Make sure the side the pattern is printed on faces you.

    • 4). Use a small paint brush or paint marker to outline your design with black tempera or acrylic paint. Allow the paint to completely dry.

    • 5). Paint the rest of the pattern with your preferred colors. Prevent the colors from mixing by allowing the individual colors to dry before applying a new one.

    • 6). Add highlights and shading to make the words and pictures "pop" so they are more noticeable. Use the Internet to find similar images that have the features you want to paint and use it as a guide.

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