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How to Use Ubuntu Evolution


    • 1). Open Evolution Mail from the "Applications" menu or click the envelope icon in the task bar and select "Mail." This icon will display email information after setup.

    • 2). Click "Forward" and enter your name and email address in the corresponding text boxes. If you have a reply-to address or use the email account as part of a larger organization, you may enter that information as well in the "Optional Information" section. Click "Forward" to continue.

    • 3). Examine and confirm the server configuration options. Evolution Mail will configure these options automatically based on the address you entered, but may not be able to find information for all types of accounts. Check your email provider's website for information regarding the server type and encryption settings. Click "Forward" to save the settings.

    • 4). Check the desired boxes to set how Evolution Mail synchronizes with the account. Use the "Minutes" drop-down menu to configure how often it will look for new messages.

    • 5). Click "Forward" and check the mail sending options. Like the server settings, Evolution will attempt to fill them automatically, though you may change them if desired. Check the "Remember password" box if you want the program to sign in automatically.

    • 6). Enter a name for the account and click "Forward." This name will only display from the Evolution main window as a personal label. Click "Apply" to save the settings and start using Evolution Mail. You may repeat these steps to add a second account by clicking the "Add" button in the "Preferences" menu.


    • 1). Open Evolution Mail and enter the account password when prompted. If you set Evolution to remember the account's password, you will only need to enter it once.

    • 2). Click the "Inbox" section underneath the account's name to synchronize the inbox messages with the program. They will appear in Evolution's main window.

    • 3). Click the "New" drop-down menu and select "Mail Message" or press "Shift," "Ctrl" and "M" simultaneously to draft a new message. Click the "Send/Receive" button to send completed messages. This will also manually synchronize new inbox contents.

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