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Glimpse into Asthma Causes - Knowing Your Disease

Ignorance is not bliss in the world of health. It is extremely important to have reliable knowledge about the what, why, where and when about the commonest global diseases. One such disease is Asthma, that is becoming more prevalent by the day, and having basic knowledge of what the disease is, what are the asthma causes and how to effectively manage it is most essential.

There are various factors that causes asthma. Most often they are a combination of multiple factors.

Asthma Causes:

The basis of most cases of Asthma lies in Allergy. One of the foremost asthma causes is a personal and / or family history of allergic disorders like urticaria, eczema, rhinitis, increased serum IgE levels and positive reaction to irritant tests on skin or by inhalation.

Asthmatics usually develop symptoms on inhalation of certain substances like pollen, dust, animal dander, moulds, other airborne pollutants, etc. Such an extreme reaction resulting in an episode of breathlessness and coughing is termed hypersensitivity.

Sometimes, it is the nature of the person's occupation that has become one of asthma causes. People working in asbestos, silicon or cement factories, wood workshops, bakeries, etc. are more prone to developing symptoms.

Certain drugs like aspirin and NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), on ingestion can work as precipitating factors in individuals who are hypersensitive to them. Symptoms developing in such persons include severe asthmatic episode, nasal polyps and sinusitis.

Respiratory infections are amongst the commonest triggers especially in cases of children. Asthma causes here include respiratory syncytial virus, para-influenza virus, rhinovirus and influenza virus.

Climate plays an important role in exacerbating symptoms of asthma. Cold air particularly is damaging while warm, humid weather can blunt an attack.

Physical work in the form of exercise or exertion can evoke symptoms. However, here, a combination with unsuitable weather conditions is essential.

Emotional turmoil is one of the most essential asthma causes. Stress in the form of anxiety, anger, grief, etc. is a powerful trigger to provoke symptoms of asthma.

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