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Tools Used For Rapid E-Learning Design And Development

With the acceptance of e-learning permeating every corner of the corporate world, the need for high-quality custom e-learning development increases. There is also a simultaneous increase in the number of e-learning services companies which have in-house resources and rapid e-learning tools for creating e-courseware - quickly and efficiently. But how do you choose the best rapid e-learning tool? The following are the most popular e-learning development tools available today, helping developers to create impactful e-content.
  • Articulate Storyline
    1. A lot of interactivity with features like slide layers, triggers, screen recordings and so on can be built in with this rapid e-learning development tool

    2. 47,000 illustrated as well photographic characters are available in the Stroyline library. A developer can choose and insert a character and then proceed to change its pose, expression, and perspective with just a few clicks to make it truly connect with the learners.

  • Articulate Studio:
    1. Articulate Studio is also very similar to that of MS PowerPoint, new users can quickly start utilizing the tools to create interactive and impactful courseware. It can be used by developers, as well as SME (subject matter experts) to create e-courseware on a limited budget and time schedule.

    2. Interactivities like slide transitions and layers can be created with this tool. It can also be utilized to create engaging aspects within the e-course like quizzes and other assessments.

  • Trivantis Lectora:
    1. Lectora creates content with HTML5 and is thus a preferred tool for many developers. It can be utilized to create content for multi-device delivery,across desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

    2. By employing this tool. You can build a lot of interactivity within a few steps saving a lot of time and effort.

  • Adobe Captivate:
    1. Adobe Captivate also allows developers to publish content with HTML5 and is hence best suited for multi-device delivery of e-learning.

    2. With the availability of ready-to-use themes and other interactive elements, a lot of variety can be built within the e-course. Other elements like branching scenarios and insertion of videos also help create impactful e-content with this tool.

  • Adobe Flash:
    1. Powerful features make it an appropriate tool to create animations and multimedia content

    2. Developers can build in a variety of interactions and the e-content is visually appealing for all.

    3. The only drawback of employing this for rapid e-learning development is that the developer needs to have a certain level of programming skills to work with this tool.
Choose the right tools keeping in mind the features of the tools, its usability as well as needs of the Learners and the Client.

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