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Teenager Job Interview Tips

Teenagers need sound advice about how to approach their first job interview.teenager image by Chef from Fotolia.comThe job interview process can be nerve-wracking, especially if you've never done it before. Teens looking for their first job may be nervous about what to wear, what to say,...

Job Description for a Pastry Cook

Many people like to top off a great meal with an even greater desert. A pastry cook, also known as a "patissier," is a culinary professional who specializes in preparing succulent, sweet, end-of-meal treats. The job description for a pastry cook reveals how these chefs compare to other chefs and wha

How to Become a Great Electrician

If you choose to become an electrician you will be ensured of job security as it is a fast growing industry with a high demand for qualified people. There is a constant demand for these tradesmen as there is always the need for construction, maintenance and repairs of electrical services.