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Is Filing With a 1099 Double Taxing?

When you work as a self-employed individual or have any self-employment income, you may receive a form 1099 around tax time. When filing taxes with a 1099, you may be worried about double taxation and paying more than you should have to pay. With this form, you do not necessarily pay any more taxes

Sweepstakes Online Or Offline

Sweepstakes certainly are a popular game which might be played in both the online and offline mode. Today online sweepstakes will be more popular than offline ones while they give more variety and suppleness to the players. Indulging in sweepstakes will help you win nice gifts for anyone who is real

How Do I Claim Tools on Income Taxes?

There are a few ways to claim tools as an expense on your income taxes. Deciding the proper form to use is based on why you bought the tools and your employment situation. If your employer deducts Social Security and withholds income taxes based on a W-2 you submit, you are a regular employee and wi