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How to Scan on an HP 6500

The HP 6500 is a combination printer, scanner and fax machine designed by the Hewlett Packard corporation. If you have a document you wish to scan, you can do so on the HP 6500. Scanning a document creates a digital image of that document that can be saved as a file on your computer. You can scan a

Word 2007 Objects Not Appearing

Depending on your settings and views, pictures may not appear in your Microsoft Word 2007 documents. If images do not appear in any programs on your computer, you need to troubleshoot your video card. If the problem is limited to documents in Word 2007, you can attempt to resolve the issue by troubl

Hosted Point of Sale Applications

With Software as a Service becoming the motto of many of todays large software companies it becomes obvious the power Internet Applications hold. Instead of selling a license to install software and risk a bad install software manufacturers can charge for access to the software online through a web