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Brown Ric-Rak Ribbon

This kit was made with men in mind when choosing colors and patterns to start the design. With a color scheme of blue, green, mustard and red and masculine textures of denim, plaid, and argyle, the items in this kit will allow for a scrapbook page to be designed for that special man in your life--fo

Microsoft Sharepoint

As any person who has worked in a Project Based company knows, effective collaboration is the key driving force between success and failure. You may have great talented individuals, but unless others can leverage that talent and unless information is properly disseminated, there's no sure way t

The Types of Extranet

An Intranet is a company's internal network used only by its employees. An Extranet is a different type of network owned by a single company; but, unlike the Intranet, the Extranet is designed to offer the company's services to users outside of the company. It's a secure, Internet-based network that