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How to Open a Doc File in PHP

PHP lets you dynamically create a website that has the ability to open a Microsoft Word document (.doc) in the reader's browser. PHP works interactively with the host server to grab the Word document and display it to the user even if the user does not have the Word program installed.

Photoshop Elements Won't Stack

Adobe Photoshop Elements is simplified photo editing program for those who do not need the full functionality of Photoshop. Elements makes organizing digital images quick and easy using the Photo Stacks option. You can stack photos with similar content to clean up and arrange the photos stored on yo

What Is a SHA File?

The CorelDraw Graphics Suite program includes many files that enhance and manipulate images, including the SHA Shader files. The Shader files help shade an image to make it look more lifelike. The SHA file extension is only used with the CorelDraw program and is not compatible with other graphics pr