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How to Tape Double Flare Plugs

Double flare plugs fit into stretched piercings. The term double flare refers to the fact that there is a lip on either side of the jewelry. These two lips, or flares, hold the jewelry in place. When using double flare plugs to stretch a piercing, the tape wrapping method creates a gradual stretch.

How to Make a Homemade Drum Head

Making drum heads is a traditional art of many Native American tribes. The use of the drums in ceremony and daily entertainment make it a commonly crafted item. The making of these drum heads is passed down from generation to generation and has remained unchanged since the time before white men walk

How to Make Moon Sand

Most of us loved molding clay into cars, animals and even food. And we loved building sea creatures and castles out of sand. The problem is that clay would dry out--even when we put it into air-tight containers. And we could never play with sand in the house. Moon sand is the answer. It's easy to mo