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How to Identify Rhinestones

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Rhinestones have been made and used to give sparkle to jewelry, clothing and other accessories for centuries. Dating as far back as the 13th century, Bohemia and the Czech Republic have been making rhinestones from glass and crystal. Through using different types of metal backings, different colors

Bobby Pin Tricks for Hair

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Lots of styles and looks can be created with the simple bobby pin.Hairpins image by Maria Vtyurina from Fotolia.comBobby pins are extremely versatile and an essential styling accessory for those with longer hair. Lots of styles and looks can be achieved with a few bobby pins and a little...

How Is Polartec Made?

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What Is Polartec?Polartec is the trademark of the company Polartec and is the umbrella name for a range of proprietary synthetic fabrics that protects wearers from all types of weather. Polartec fabrics are worn by runners and hikers, as well as by the military and emergency services...