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Baby Stroller Buying Guide

There have been many changes to strollers since the days of the classic English baby carriage or pram. Parents today agree that the best stroller should be flexible, lightweight and user-friendly. It should also be well-built and offer proper protection for your child. Obviously, the best stroller c

Listening With Your Eyes

I was raised by parents who believed that children should be seen, but not heard. Never do I remember either of my parents listening to me with their ears, hearts, or eyes. Now listening with their eyes may sound peculiar, but to a child it is everything! A child wants and needs to be noticed!

Games and Gifts for Teens

Teenagers can often be difficult to entertain. They tend to roll their eyes and act uninterested in everything you might suggest. Activities that allow them to use technology and interact with friends can catch their attention. It's the same idea with gifts. They want the latest and greatest, and w