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How to Print a Photo on a Plate

Photo plates are cute, but they are not for eating. Make a decorative plate by printing a photo on your printer and using a decoupage technique. You will need to pull out your sponge paint brushes and block out a few hours. Gather the kids, too. This is a good project for children eight and older. Y

35Mm Photography for Beginners

Taking pictures with a 35mm film camera can teach you a lot about how photography works. This knowledge and experience will come in handy even if you eventually decide to switch to a digital camera. Learn a few basic rules for 35mm photography before you begin shooting, and then take as many picture

Photography Posing Guide

The Bedouin are a tribe of natives whose area covers the Middle East and North Africa. They believe that when you take someone's photograph, you actually steal a part of their soul. Many a tourist has taken a photograph of a Bedouin in town on holiday, only to have the Bedouin charge at them, r