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How to Print a Photo on a Plate

Photo plates are cute, but they are not for eating. Make a decorative plate by printing a photo on your printer and using a decoupage technique. You will need to pull out your sponge paint brushes and block out a few hours. Gather the kids, too. This is a good project for children eight and older. Y

Photography Posing Guide

The Bedouin are a tribe of natives whose area covers the Middle East and North Africa. They believe that when you take someone's photograph, you actually steal a part of their soul. Many a tourist has taken a photograph of a Bedouin in town on holiday, only to have the Bedouin charge at them, r

How to Develop and Fix Photos

Famed photographer Ansel Adams frequently stated that only half of his work was done behind the camera. The other half was spent burning, dodging and experimenting with prints in the darkroom. Today, the digital camera and computer may have eliminated the need for a darkroom, but not the fun of deve