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Why Reading and Studying the Scriptures Is Crucial and Vital, Particularly When Seeking Guidance!

Another question arose recently and once again it is a highly significant and important question and it concerns each of us to a certain degree whether we realise it or not! It is always essential to take time to answer questions if it is possible to provide a helpful answer or satisfactory reply. H

The Importance of Tithing

There is no lack in our world. The only place lack or poverty exists is in your mind. The Universe lacks nothing. Everything is available in a never-ending, inexhaustible supply. This includes money and riches. One of the most powerful ways to show the Universe that you are abundant is by tithing.

How to LEAP in Life!

Have you ever wished you could just stand out above the crowd? Wished that you could be someone extraordinary or do something extraordinary, which will inspire others? Yearning for something that will give you the edge in your performance, something that will help you to be recognised by your peers