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What Is the Asus E-Green Utility?

ASUS E-Green is a technology that reduces the power consumption of computer optical drives including DVD and Blu-ray drives. E-Green forces an optical drive to enter an idle state quickly after finishing a task, reducing the running time of the drive's motor. Using the E-Green software, you can trac

How to Read a Restaurant Guide

Good food, friendly service, a pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices all combine to create a positive dining experience. A restaurant guide is a useful resource to assist you in choosing a location to provide the type of dining experience you desire. Available online and in print, restaurant gui

How to Acquire Knowledge

As human beings we all have the potential to acquire knowledge and learn new things throughout our lives. The quest to acquire knowledge can go beyond job training or formal education and every person can benefit from making life a learning journey in which she learns something new every day.K