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The Future of Website Analytics

The future of analytics. Is the current set of web stats tools capable of accurately measuring success? As well, does the current thinking on how to define success need to change? Today, web analytics is focused on measurement of behaviour on your website. This is good because your site is likely (o

How to Make Paper Presentations

Making paper presentations involves communicating information from a writer to reader. Paper presentations require organization, understanding of the reader, and clear representation of ideas, conclusions, and processes. Inserting pictures and graphics often make a paper presentation easier for the

How to Compare SIC Code to NAICS

Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes began in the 1930s to classify businesses by their primary activity. SIC numbers were last updated in 1987. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) replaced SIC four-digit codes with two- to six-digit codes in 1997. NAICS updates followe